The legalized cannabis debate in New Hampshire is getting pushed to the front

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Proponents of legalized cannabis are pressuring lawmakers to take action

A new Legislature in New Hampshire appears to be the answer many advocates were looking for to give them more hope for legalized cannabis. The legislative session is back again this year and efforts to bring this market to market could have a different outcome, considering that in previous years, legislative defeats have been a constant.

Whether simple or complex, legislators have tried different bills that have been unsuccessful. Whatever the approach, opposition in the state Senate has become a major stumbling block to moving forward. However, it appears that 2023 brings different winds, and supporters say they are tackling the problem with their largest coalition yet.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives appears to be preparing to legalize the drug this year through legislation that would allow home cultivation and regulate and tax retail operations. House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and House Democratic Leader Matt Wilhelm are key players in this new effort. They are joined by a diverse array of sponsors in the state, from the ACLU of New Hampshire to Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire and the Marijuana Policy Project.

Optimism seems to be much stronger now that a new year has begun. In fact, Matt Simon, a veteran legalization advocate who helped draft the latest bill, believes the efforts could finally pay off. In an interview, the director of public and government relations at Prime Alternative said, “I think what’s going to be different this year is that we seem to have a diverse and really committed coalition that’s fully engaged in this.”

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