The latest kick: marijuana-infused gin

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A startup out of Australia launches CBD-infused gin, sells out after just three days

The Cannabis Company, a startup out of Melbourne, Australia, has perfected what it calls the “world’s first cannabis gin with terpenes.” Myrcene Hemp Gin, which is named after the myrcene terpene found in cannabis and hops, was so successful that its entire first release sold out within three days of being offered.

Surprising to some, this isn’t the first time that cannabis has been added to gin. The company indicates that it borrowed its idea from the 18th century, who added similar products to their production (in all fairness, turpentine was also once added to the mix when making gin). The Cannabis Company asserts that it is a “dietary supplement” and can “produce joyful and euphoric effects alongside an overall feeling of relaxation.”

The distillery produces its gin in column still in an effort to create a “lighter, more refined” gin. It is said to have “bubblegum aromas blended with lavender, pine forest and sage, soft tones of violet interact on the palate with woodland flavours of rosemary and resin, cloves and woody spices.”

The Cannabis Company recommends its gin to be “poured over a wedge of fresh lemon and paired with a premium tonic. Try with a sprig of fresh rosemary to really bring out the piney aromas.”

The first batch released included 300 bottles. After the success it achieved, The Cannabis Company moved directly into its second batch, which has now been distributed. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the U.S., but it’s only a matter of time.

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