The ins and outs of cannabis and the coronavirus

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It’s okay to consume cannabis to boost the body’s defenses, but some consumption should be limited

No one should take the coronavirus (COVID-19) lightly since it can turn into a potential public health emergency if at least some basic rules are not implemented. For cannabis users, especially smokers, there are several things to consider as self-protection, even if no cases have been reported locally. The most important thing is to remain calm and comply with the many steps that can be done to prevent this virus – that can be potentially deadly for some people – from spreading.

One of the most traditional pleasurable activities among cannabis enthusiasts is smoking a marijuana cigarette or inhaling from a bong. It is better to keep your cannabis to yourself until further notice and not “pass the Dutchie.” The coronavirus can spread rapidly if the right measures are not taken, such as washing one’s hands as often as possible. It was demonstrated that this is effective in stopping COVID-19. The general advice is to wash hands for a 20-second period and avoid any physical contact with people as much as possible.

People also need to beware of false advertisement that often tries to take advantage of the situation. There is no research regarding cannabidiol (CBD) and coronavirus, any social media add or post suggesting CBD does work is false. Also, for avid smokers, it is important to switch the method of consumption if infected with the virus. Even though CBD and cannabis have pain relief properties, a cloud of smoke is not the best idea for the lungs. The killing factor of this disease comes from pneumonia episodes that can develop on weaker hosts that can lead to death. For those who were unfortunately infected, a good idea is to have a self-quarantine to keep other people from getting sick.

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