The House of Representatives advances bill on CBD oversight

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If the bill survives, the FDA will be more active in advancing the CBD industry

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been one of the main issues to be taken up this week in the House. Several proposals and amendments have been analyzed so far in relation to cannabis, and among the most prominent is a proposal in favor of the reform that advances the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish rules for CBD to be considered as a dietary supplement and food ingredient.

As time has passed, the myriad of benefits this compound has on human health have been demonstrated and advocates have been eager for the FDA to finally take action and give it the treatment it truly deserves with respect to consumption. Representative Kurt Schrader is introducing the proposal, which received the green light on a voice vote as part of a package deal with other amendments.

The idea is to encourage the FDA to create a regulatory pathway for CBD “no later than 180 days after enactment”. Schrader tweeted, “Tonight I spoke on the House floor about my CBD amendment, as well as my bill HR 841, which would legalize the use of CBD in dietary supplements.”

During a speech on the House floor, Schrader made it clear that the lack of action by this body is causing regulatory uncertainty, leading to different hemp companies facing economic burdens, something that could be avoided if things were made clear. “The livelihood of hemp producers and the safety of consumers across the country are in the hands of the agency,” he added.

CBD has proven it has everything it needs to be part of people’s everyday food, and it seems time for the FDA to give it the recognition it deserves.