The House of Cannabis is coming to California next month

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SoHo is going to inaugurate the next House of Cannabis after a successful launch in New York

SoHo will dress up on April 7th to host the opening of The House of Cannabis (THCNYC). Organizers revealed today that tickets are available for those who want to be part of the grand opening.

THCNYC is the first permanent home to give a well-deserved celebration to “high culture” and its impact on art, music, fashion, cultivation, and social reform. Different filmmakers and artists bring together their expertise to create ten immersive experiences that transport visitors through the many dimensions of cannabis culture.

“This is the first-ever physical home to shine a light on the incredible ways that cannabis has influenced culture,” Robert Frey, CEO of Westside Museum LLC, said. “Whether you are a cannabis aficionado, have a recreational or medicinal relationship to the plant, or are just canna-curious, I think everyone will be amazed by the artistry and narrative behind the experiences. If you understand the cannabis community, you know it is about connectivity, creativity, and important issues affecting social reform. We wanted to create an elevated space that helps foster these community values.”

Comprising 30,000 square feet, the historic cast-iron building will become the new destination at the iconic intersection of Howard and Broadway. For a special touch, the space also features a ground-floor gathering space with community events, a private lounge, a corner store, a coffee shop, live glass blowing and a selected variety of marijuana-inspired lifestyle products. This will become one more excuse to visit California and enrich yourself with its cannabis culture.

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