The Food Network is launching a cannabis cooking competition

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Cannabis cooking is going mainstream with new culinary competition

The Food Network seems to bring a very good initiative for all those who are marijuana and food lovers at the same time. Chopped 420 is the name of a new program in which four chefs will compete to show off their culinary skills, using cannabis as an important part of the elements used for different appetizers, main dishes and even desserts. Cannabis has finally arrived as a standard kitchen ingredient.

In order to add some humor to the new series, comedian Ron Funches will host the show, and the roster of judges will include chefs Luke Reyes, Esther Choi, Sam Talbot, drag artist and cannabis activist Laganja Estranja and comedian Tacarra Williams.

For many enthusiasts who enjoy smoking marijuana, April 20 is an important date. On that same day, then they can enjoy their beloved cannabis while tuning in to the series premiere on Discovery +. Food Network president Courtney White has indicated that this is the first Chopped version where marijuana will be an essential part of the chefs’ ability to improve their dishes in the competition. “Viewers are in for a wild ride,” she added.

The contestants will go on a culinary journey, where they will be put to the test to see just how good they are in the kitchen using cannabis, with the top performer taking home the $10,000 final prize. As time has passed, marijuana is finding its way into homes in many forms, and now all those people who like to know more about cannabis may even be inclined to want to learn more about the relationship cannabis has with food.