The first Weed Bar Awards show in Michigan is coming this week

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The inaugural awards program could lead to other similar events across the US

The Weed Bar Awards will finally arrive in Detroit, MI, this week, featuring some popular names in the cannabis industry. Many enthusiasts near the area should make time this weekend to attend this show, where well-known local marijuana brands and leaders will come together in a ceremony to honor the work they have done.

The Weed Bar will host “The Weed Bar Award Show” next Sunday, when a special presentation will be held for more than 15 of Michigan’s most influential people to present awards to the winner of each category. The Music Hall Center for The Performing Arts (capacity of 1,700 people) has been chosen as the venue to host the event starting at 7:00 PM local time.

With categories ranging from the best up-and-coming teams to the most recognized cannabis cheFs and brands, the event will be filled with much celebration throughout the evening. The cannabis industry still has a long way to go, but it is definitely important to recognize the positive progress that has been made locally. The Great Lakes State has started to become a very influential region of the country in the cannabis industry and it is time for talent to now be recognized through these events.

This move is seen as one of the many ways that organizers are playing to keep the momentum of the market going. That’s why The Weed Bar is hosting a cultural appreciation event with the help of CEP Events and The Winners Circle for the Detroit community. The idea is that the community that is part of that growth feel gratified for the great effort they have put in over the past few years.