The first “legitimate” marijuana video game hits the market

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Weedcraft is a marijuana video game for the legal industry

There have been video games introduced in the past that contained references and scenarios to marijuana, but most of them were centered on drug deals and thugs’ lives. This didn’t help the legitimate marijuana industry break the social mantra of marijuana use being nothing more than a tool for criminals, but now there is an alternative. Weedcraft is a new video game that actually builds upon the legalized marijuana industry and will help, as the developers believe, to change the marijuana stigma.

The game focuses substantially on the current legal and political climates associated with cannabis. The game’s lead developer, Kuba Palyska, told news outlet Civilized, “Crazy things happen during the legalization process. It is a huge business and some people tend to curb their ethics when a load of money is at stake.”

Weedcraft can be compared to games that allow players to build cities or companies or other “tycoon” games. Says Palyska, “The game will be enjoyable for anybody who is interested in the possibilities of how to ‘trade this green for some green.’ It is not a stoners-only game, but rather a user-friendly tycoon game in which you can choose your strategy based on the play style you like. A great businessman can be a person who is able to analyze the market, manage their relationships, or simply flood the market with good but cheap product.”

He further explained, “In each US state the law is different. Because of that, the rules of Weedcraft Inc gameplay should be different, too. Who do you want to be? What strategy will you use? A classic drug dealer can make good money without paying taxes, but he will be always looking back for the police. People will more gladly buy cannabis when it’s legal, but every businessman should be aware of strong competition when operating legally. It is your choice to be one of them, or someone in between.”

The game isn’t ready for distribution yet – it is expected to hit Steam sometime next year. As Bob Dylan said, “The times, they are a-changing.”