The FDA passes the buck on CBD rules, expects Congress to take action

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The government agency doesn’t want to create guidelines for CBD in consumer products

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has long been required to take action on cannabidiol (CBD). However, the agency seems to continue to show strong disinterest, and instead of creating rules to allow the marketing of CBD as dietary supplements or foods, it has said that this is a task that should be in the hands of Congress. Many lawmakers want the FDA to more adequately regulate the massive CBD industry, but so far there remains a lack of action.

The FDA, after having “carefully analyzed” the non-intoxicating compound, said it has concluded that existing regulatory avenues for other dietary supplements and food additives will not work for CBD. Instead, the agency says it hopes to have the support of Congress to figure out what the next steps are. The news comes shortly after the FDA shared guidance that focuses on the development of marijuana-based medicines.

“A new regulatory pathway would benefit consumers by providing safeguards and oversight to manage and minimize risks related to CBD products,” FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock said. “Some risk management tools could include clear labels, prevention of contaminants, CBD content limits, and measures, such as minimum purchase age, to mitigate the risk of ingestion by children. In addition, a new pathway could provide access and oversight for certain CBD-containing products for animals.”

CBD should be a regulated compound, assures the FDA. However, the agency said certain safety concerns and data gaps make it a virtual impossibility to administer under current standards.

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