The EPA is backing an initiative to produce hemp-based bricks for construction

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The federal agency has given a grant to make construction greener

With the goal of creating sustainable construction in the country, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is stepping up its involvement. The federal agency announced plans last week to program a $100,000 grant to a Washington State-based company that will go a long way toward supporting the development of industrial hemp-based bricks. Construction is the latest market to look for ways to go green.

Earth Merchant is among the several beneficiaries of this program, which is intended to support small business innovation. This company has long since come up with the idea of creating “OlogyBricks,” which are based primarily on hemp and are considered a lightweight, durable and carbon-negative alternative. This gives them a great advantage over traditional building bricks when it comes to building in a way that is more protective of the planet earth and the environment. According to the EPA, the hemp product “will improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality in single-family homes and other architectural applications.”

Among many of the benefits that were stated, the EPA explains that, by containing antifungals and antimicrobials, which will reduce the risks of airborne bacteria, the health of residents could be greatly improved. In the past, the federal agency has also shown interest in the environmental impact of hemp. Two years ago, it also awarded a grant of approximately $12,000 to a research team at the University of California to support a study on the use of hemp as a “renewable fiber of industrial relevance for construction.” Strong support for projects like these not only puts hemp to great use but also helps the environment remain healthy for many years to come.