The different ways to use CBD oil to treat pain

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The cannabis compound is an all-natural painkiller with no equal

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become a controversial and trendy substance, being recognized worldwide for the medicinal effects and benefits it confers to its consumers. Ready to inhale, ingest or apply on the skin, CBD can retain its therapeutic effect with greater intensity and speed, especially when it comes to relieving chronic pain.

The response and intensity with which CBD acts in a person will depend on whether he is a regular or inexperienced consumer, the form of consumption, the variety of cannabis consumed, and the percentage of CBD contained, among others. The main ways for its use can be smoked or vaped, consumed through inhalation, ingested if its use is in infusions, oils, juices and food, or topical products such as creams or ointments for massage.

Oil is a very good option to consume CBD because it obtains the highest concentration of this component. Because hemp has a lipid component, it is very difficult to dilute in water. However, when using any oil, it will release all its content in it, ensuring that when consuming it, you can get the highest amount of CBD, especially to combat pain in specific areas.

When the term sublingual is mentioned, this refers to administering CBD under the tongue. It’s a very effective route of administration since this area of the mouth is very vascularized. The oral mucosa absorbs the components more quickly, which will pass into the bloodstream and will be distributed throughout the body.

To consume sublingual CBD, a few drops of the oil are placed under the tongue and retained for a few minutes. Then it can be swallowed, perceiving its effects in about 20 to 30 minutes. It is considered one of the methods of consumption with the best results for pain.

Another method of consuming CBD is smoking cannabis flowers in the form of a joint, or with the help of a pipe or bong, being able to benefit from CBD in just five minutes. This is because the inhaled smoke passes to the lungs, where a gaseous exchange takes place that facilitates the passage of the substances to the central nervous system without the need for hepatic metabolism. It is a way to relax immediately and leave pain in the past.

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