The cannabis stock market is looking up for 2023

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Investors have several good reasons to consider cannabis stocks before the new year

The cannabis market continues to suffer some ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an ideal time to make certain investments. Different experts claim that there are three stocks currently with incredible potential as they have a projected uptrend for the coming year.

Aurora Cannabis is an excellent choice even though federal legalization has not yet arrived in the US. Therefore, different investors are looking to put their money in multistate operators based in the country.

Aurora is not only one of them, but it is also in a prime position to provide incredible opportunities. This company has experienced impressive growth in the Canadian market thanks to the company’s core brands.

MariMed, on the other hand, has seen a somewhat negative 2022. That has led it to trade at less than $1 per share. However, this is a good opportunity for investors to buy this stock and enjoy the potential that many experts are predicting for its future.

This company has state-licensed seed-to-sale cannabis facilities with cultivation operations in four states. In addition, it intends to enter the Ohio and Missouri markets in the near future, and is also considering the New Jersey and New York markets.

Then there’s Columbia Care, one with the greatest upside potential, according to analysts. It is possible that the company’s $2 billion merger with Cresco Labs is one of the big drivers of this optimism. The transaction is expected to close in the next few months, which would result in a combined company generating pro forma revenues of more than $100 million in eight states next year.