The cannabis industry is poised to see several big changes

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As the legal cannabis industry advances, a number of important changes are coming

A conference is any meeting, usually with a high number of participants and spectators, in which a debate is held on certain points or a topic to develop it from the knowledge and with different perspectives that enrich the discourse. In the world of cannabis, it is one of the main means by which great experts make known various points of view with respect to what is currently happening in the industry. After a major cannabis conference was held, some key conclusions can be highlighted.

First of all, marijuana is becoming increasingly linked to the beverage market, something that The Boston Beer Company’s director and head of cannabis, Paul Weaver, was keen to address. The head of the company that launched a line of THC-infused iced teas did not hesitate to express his views on the relationship between cannabis and the beverage industry.

“We now know how to make a stable beverage that will preserve the … terpene content,” Weaver said. The expert added that it would not be a bad idea to see a “separate consideration” instead of linking them to edibles.

Weaver says it would be a dream of many to be able to find harmony when it comes to marketing alcohol taken hand-in-hand with cannabis. David Holmes, founder and CEO of Clade9, says that over time, cannabis consumers will become more closely related to alcohol consumers, who place a high value on aging time, or the region from which the beverage originates.

Others on the panel at this conference emphasized that doing business with the right people and/or brands is of utmost importance. More and more people are getting involved in the industry today, so choosing the right partners can be a strategic move for future success.

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