The cannabis industry has its first brand health platform

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Brightfield Group is helping advance nationwide cannabis maturity

Brightfield Group is a company that has long been known for helping cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis and wellness brands succeed with forward-looking insights. This leading SaaS platform has now announced the marijuana industry’s first branded health platform.

The solution, called the Cannabis Brand Health Platform, is an industry first and is tasked with providing a clearer view of brand health derived from proprietary consumer data. As a result, marijuana brands across the country now have the option to optimize their brand strategy by tracking consumer feedback. They will be able to see how the brand is perceived in a profitable and syndicated way.

With a presence in the North American cannabis industry, Brightfield Group has earned a reputation as a leading provider of detailed, actionable consumer data. As time goes on, marijuana products continue to transition from commodities to consumer packaged goods. This has made brand success increasingly dependent on consumer loyalty and not just past performance at the point of sale.

Many companies today continue to invest large sums of money in branding without really having an understanding of how much impact those efforts are having. Gaining consumer trust and measuring consumer behavior can now be much easier with Brightfield Group’s Brand Health tracking solutions.

With this new platform, marijuana brands, regardless of size, can look beyond point-of-sale performance. They will be able to have budgets now strategically placed, confident that they can create much higher brand awareness, develop long-term leadership and gain a repeat customer base.

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