The Cannabis Industry Council is helping stabilize the industry

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A new project from the CIC hopes to streamline operations and improve global interaction

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry continues to grow as time goes on. In order to better represent the interests of this market, the Cannabis Industry Council (CIC) has developed a new offering for CBD companies. More and more industry-focused entities are looking to make important moves to keep overall development on track.

Scheduled to begin early next year, the CIC has created a new working group focused exclusively on CBD. In addition to carrying out support activities, the group will analyze and discuss key issues facing this growing market. It will also become a key entity for CIC’s policy positions to begin to take shape in this area.

The membership offer to join CIC has also been expanded, with a host of new benefits for all interested parties. Panel members will now be able to enjoy an annual conference and access to free training and discounted third-party services. In order to become a more affordable option for smaller companies, the fee structure has also undergone some readjustments.

“The Cannabis Industry Council seeks to represent organisations from right across the industry, so we are pleased to be able to provide additional support and representation to CBD businesses,” CIC CEO Mike Morgan-Giles commented. “It’s a challenging economic and regulatory climate for the sector, and we anticipate the new CBD working group tackling some of the key challenges, and developing solutions to them.”

With the inclusion of this new working group, the CIC is now comprised of nine different teams, focused on standards in research, prescription cannabis, hemp, and more. All CIC members can join and participate in the working groups.