The cannabis eCommerce space continues to evolve following latest acquisition

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Cannabis commerce platform Treez wraps up its acquisition of a digital payments solution

As the years go by, the marijuana industry is receiving important updates that make it similar to many other traditional markets. A few years ago, a cannabis eCommerce would have sounded far-fetched, but today, such a sector is looking bigger and bigger. One of the most recent examples can be seen through Treez’s acquisition of Swifter. The completion of this move will see financial services and digital payment solutions being optimized in the cannabis industry.

Treez is known for being a leading enterprise commerce technology platform focused primarily on the cannabis retail and supply chain. Having completed the necessary paperwork, the company has now acquired Swifter, a payment solutions platform developed with the goal of meeting the unique needs of the cannabis industry.

Treez could not pass up the huge opportunity it saw in Swifter and its vast number of cannabis retail customers operating in several existing locations. The recently completed investment and acquisition are part of the company’s mission and strategy to create cutting edge technology for the cannabis industry to enjoy further growth.

John Yang, CEO of Treez, says the acquisition of Swifter is a move that further paves the company’s position in providing digital payment solutions and a comprehensive suite of financial services to marijuana dispensaries. He adds, “Together, we’re tackling the challenges faced by dispensaries in normalizing the cannabis retail experience by bringing forward scalable fintech and payment solutions to optimize the customer experience and meet consumers where they are today.”

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