The cannabis culture takes center stage in new book, High On Design

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The book is a must-read for all cannabis enthusiasts and those who want to learn about cannabis culture

Cannabis culture is still a complicated thing to embrace due to the many regulations that are taking a toll on consumers. While in some places, marijuana is part of everyday life and is a more normal note, in other parts of the US, black citizens are still targeted with a disproportionate amount of cannabis-related arrests. Despite that, the culture around cannabis consumption and new emerging markets is booming, and it has recently been featured in a new book called “High on Design.”

This is a brand-new coffee-table book in which many of the top brands and leading players in the industry are being highlighted. The book includes not only cannabis products, but also all the ancillary devices that serve the industry as well. However, the products featured in this book are those that look more like pieces of art from a high-end designer than just a hippie gadget. The designs presented in this book take the readers across the history and science of this amazing plant, while your eyes can enjoy the projects that are being showcased, and that any design-and-cannabis aficionado will certainly appreciate.

Beyond being just a book about cannabis culture and lifestyle, it brings inspiration for artisans and other people interested in participating in an industry that is rapidly growing. There is something for activists, too, as each chapter sends a cry out for authorities to review drug prohibition policies and normalize marijuana. That takes on a whole new meaning during these times in which the world is demanding more efforts towards social justice.