The Cannabis and Movies Club in Los Angeles is a smashing success

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Combing cannabis with movies is turning into a love affair

Cannabis and cinema have a long history in common. The birth of modern cinema took place at the same time the US federal government was banning marijuana. As a result, during the 1930s, all entertainment centered on marijuana had a negative character. Times have changed, and now there are even entertainment venues where both cultures are combined. The Cannabis and Movies Club, located in Los Angeles, is a clear example.

The Cannabis and Movies Club was active for a long time at the Montalban Theater. Now, the organizers of these events have said they are finding a new home in the Los Angeles Arts District. The activities held are a perfect excuse to relax marijuana with your friends while smoking and enjoying your favorite classic stoner movies.

As the different movies run, you’ll run into vendors sampling innovative cannabis products, a dab bar, and craft food and beverage purveyors. Cannabis and Movies Club makes this a reality and not just a beautiful dream of any enthusiast. The organization creates amazing cannabis consumption lounge events in Los Angeles every month, essential for those times in the summer when you’re looking for entertaining activities.

Cannabis and Movies Club events cater to the tastes of locals and tourists looking for something well thought out and organized. Best of all, they are inexpensive and provide a relaxing and friendly way to hang out with friends and/or make new cannabis friends. If you are thinking of attending this cannabis-filled movie event, you should visit the Cannabis And Movies Club website to become a member and get your tickets.

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