The best cities to put on the map when planning a cannabis vacation

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There are several destinations that cannabis enthusiasts must visit on a road trip

Currently, cannabis tourist destinations are the most demanded by many people in the world. Therefore, if you are on vacation and plan to travel, you should keep in mind that there are some tourist sites where you will not have any problem regarding the use of marijuana.

There are several states where you can grow marijuana without having to give explanations to anyone. Among them, Colorado stands out. That is why Denver is an ideal destination for cannabis fans, who can request tours organized by travel agencies to enjoy the experience in marijuana plantations and dispensaries. In fact, there are also bars and hotels with a reserved smoking areas.

Los Angeles, or Cannabis Candyland. Los Angeles is already a popular destination, but the legalization of cannabis has only enhanced this. Name it Wisdome, conveyor belt sushi bars, and boulevards, LA is the place to soak up cannabis culture. It’s full of cannabis facilities, and good pharmacies and has many high-end cannabis media companies, such as High Times, Merry Jane, and Civilized.

To say that cannabis products sold like hotcakes after legalization in Chicago is an understatement. Supply and demand are incredibly high in The Windy City. Visit Waldos Festival Forever, a free street fair by Do312 and Chicago Alliance, or South Chicago 420 Block Party. Enjoy cannabis-infused music and drinks at Lagunitas Taproom.

Anchorage, Alaska, is a destination for the bravest stoners. In this city, you can enjoy the aurora borealis, wildlife, and nature itself. Again, marijuana is only legal for those over 21 and must be purchased from a licensed dispensary and consumed in private. There are plenty of cannabis-tolerant inns in Alaska, and some even serve breakfast made with cannabis.

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