The benefits of using CBD for self-care during the coronavirus pandemic

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Turning to CBD while in isolation can calm the nerves, reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being

The self-care and wellness industry has been booming in recent years, even more so with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic that has everyone questioning their overall health status. The cannabis industry has certainly recognized an opportunity in this market and several cannabis-based products, like skincare products and wellness edibles, have been added to many dispensaries. One of the ingredients that are responsible for new lines of products that promote self-care to the mainstream market is cannabidiol (CBD). The demand has been increasing since the arrival of the pandemic, as more people are looking for ways to help the body stay healthy.

Self-care and CBD can be placed together in many circumstances, depending on what the person needs to improve. For instance, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that are very useful for pain relief and to help the body deal with diseases like arthritis. In addition to that, people can find enormous benefits in managing levels of anxiety by taking CBD, but better results have been exposed when it is taken along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a 1:1 proportion, according to some recent research.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has linked social isolation to increased risk of dementia, heart disease and depression. Tamara Anderson, the founder of cannabis education firm Culinary and Cannabis, says that “being in the house can be very depressing, and if you don’t have an outlet for that or you don’t have a way to communicate and express that, it’s going to change yourself and it’s going to change your own culture.” Ultimately, taking care of one’s mental health can help the person avoid developing physical consequences of carrying an unsettled mind for long periods.