The benefits of using cannabis while undergoing chemo

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Cancer patients involved in chemotherapy can benefit from cannabis use

More and more people are turning to cannabis as a complementary or alternative therapeutic option to treat their ailments. One of their most frequent questions is whether they can use it while undergoing conventional treatments such as chemotherapy. The straightforward answer, which is good news for cancer patients, is yes.

Cancer patients approach cannabis with two types of objectives in mind, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive; to alleviate the side effects of the therapies they are undergoing or to achieve anti-tumor responses. Regarding the former, it has been clinically proven that cannabidiol (CBD) prevents nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by chemotherapy. These adverse effects are in many cases so severe that they cause patients to abandon treatments.

On the other hand, the well-established properties of cannabis include others that are also very interesting for cancer patients, analgesic, anxiolytic, and sleep facilitating. More recently, people suffering from this disease are turning to cannabis for anti-tumor effects. Although it is true that certain cannabinoids produce responses of this type in different animal models of cancer, there are just a few results available from controlled clinical trials to corroborate these observations in humans.

Despite this, and due to its high safety profile, thousands of cancer patients around the world are consuming cannabis in an attempt to slow the progression of their disease and even eliminate it. Another major advantage is that consuming CBD can also potentially increase the way your body assimilates and adapts to other medications, making its potency even more effective.

Being a disease with a treatment-sensitive nature, it is always suggested to consult with a physician before consuming any CBD product to ensure that you are well prepared for the effects of possible changes.