The benefits of CBD for cycling

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Cyclists can turn to cannabis to help them stay focused, mentally and physically

Athletes of different sports are paying more and more attention to the famous supplement called cannabidiol (CBD). It promises better recovery, improved pain control reduction during inflammation, and better sleep. The life of a cyclist can be quite exhausting as it is known that this sport requires high performance; however, many athletes in this sport have managed to maintain a good pace thanks to CBD.

There is no doubt that CBD has recently become the “rockstar” of cannabinoids and it is not for less if we take into account each and every one of its proven medical properties. When it comes to a sport as popular and demanding as cycling, the properties of this compound can ensure a better routine.

CBD is the perfect companion for people who practice demanding sports like cycling. Some of the great benefits of CBD in cyclists that have been demonstrated by different medical studies include the reduction of inflammation and pain as well as the improvement of recovery, rest, and sleep quality.

This being the case, more and more cyclists are choosing to involve CBD in their daily routines. A clear example of this has been Andrew Talansky, an American professional cyclist who, during an interview, said that due to the demands of cycling, he was in constant pain and found relief in CBD in just a couple of weeks. One of the biggest advantages is that the World Anti-Doping Organization removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances (since it is not psychoactive) and many athletes can enjoy its benefits without any problem.