The benefits of cannabis in treating a toothache

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Dealing with tooth pain doesn’t mean having to turn to lab-created relief

One of the most widespread uses of cannabidiol (CBD) is to treat different types of pain, no matter where it originates or is located. CBD is being used more and more to treat not only minor aches, but also chronic pain, including toothaches. This pain, caused by an irritation of the nerve of an affected tooth and its surroundings, can be activated due to multiple reasons, such as tooth infections, decays, injuries, sensitivity, tooth loss and gum disease. According to studies and testimonies from consumers, CBD oil is helping people alleviate minor toothaches.

It is important to mention that CBD oil can be safely used to alleviate sporadic pain that won’t typically lead to something more serious. However, there are some other conditions that are more serious, such as decay, infections and diseases, which is why it is better to think of CBD as a temporary pain reliever for those cases. This means that whatever condition is causing that pain should be addressed by a professional so it can be cured or eliminated.

There are many ways in which CBD can be used to treat a toothache, and the most effective one would be to apply some oil directly to the tooth. It should be quite simple, as CBD oils often come in bottles with droppers so it can be done with no hassle. By doing this, CBD will act on the site and will provide quick relief.

An alternative to that would be to put some drops under the tongue so the glands absorb the cannabinoid; this process also brings a quick relief as it gets faster to the brain. Also, in case placing the oil in your mouth is not something you want to do, the best option could be taking a few soft gel capsules with CBD oil, which will take longer to take effect but it will most likely last a little longer because of the channel of absorption it follows.