The Air Force could change its approach to cannabis acceptance

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The armed forces branch might relax its policy on marijuana use for new recruits

Air Force and Space Force marijuana policies are currently under review by US military officials. It appears a “common sense” change may appear, giving potential recruits a pass if they test positive for marijuana. As time has passed, it has become evident that marijuana is becoming more accepted, even in entities that were known to be staunch opponents of its use.

For many years, service members have faced a zero-tolerance marijuana policy from the military branches. Even though some CBD products are legal at the federal level, some have gone to the extremes of banning their use. However, after seeing legislative movements in different states support the plant, the Air Force is taking a fresh look at its recruiting guidelines.

During an interview published mid-week, Air Force Recruiting Service commander Maj. Gen. Ed Tomas sought to address the issue. He said the current cannabis policy permanently disqualifies individuals if they test positive for THC during the drug screening process. However, as “we see the legalization movement continue to break boundaries, there is an increased prevalence of positive applicants for THC.”

Testing THC positive will no longer be such bad news for those applicants who are otherwise in good standing and can commit to abstinence while in service. According to Thomas, an exemption could be granted. “We have to be realistic today,” he said. “We need to exercise common sense.”

No doubt this is a remarkable turnaround for the branch, especially since three years ago, the Air Force instituted a policy prohibiting service members from using non-intoxicating CBD, even if it comes from hemp. While those on active duty cannot enjoy this exemption, those on the recruiting list may get a second chance if they perform well and have a good track record.

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