THC Therapeutics given patent for its marijuana dryer

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The dHydronator will help destroy surface contaminants of freshly-harvested marijuana crops

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is expected to approve a patent submission by THC Therapeutics, according to a statement by the company. The company has developed a cannabis dryer, dubbed the dHydronator, which is designed to dry and sanitize harvested cannabis, as well as herbs and teas. According to the company, the dHydronator can extract 90% of the moisture in cannabis in as little as 10 hours, compared to the two weeks needed through traditional methods.

According to THC Therapeutics, “THC Therapeutics Inc. (OTC: MBLC) is a forward-thinking publicly traded Health and Wellness company in the cannabis industry that has ‘Better Health through the Science of Nature’ as their guiding statement. Today announced that they will focus their operations on the Cannabis industry and their soon-to-be-issued patent for ‘The dHydronator®.'”

The company further indicated that the dryer has already been tested by two labs, including DigiPath. Testing was done on six strains through nine independent tests, with the strains being Diablo, Kings Cut, Blue Dream, Lucy Diamond, Cotton Candy and Pot of Gold.

Asserts THC Therapeutics, “Our SanitiZen technology brought the failing TAC (total aerobic count) from over 300,000 down to 78,000. The optimal drying time was determined to be 10-14 hours, but may vary by region and ambient humidity. By far the most surprising data from the testing was the potency of the cannabis after exposure to the dHydronator. Over the 9 tests and 6 strains, there was a 4% average increase of THC-A.”

The patent attorney for the company received confirmation from the USPTO this past July that the office expected to allow all 20 of the patent claims associated with the dHydronator. Following the notice, THC Therapeutics filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission toward the end of last month. It indicates that it intends on becoming a reporting issue on December 21, 70 days after the date of the filing.

According to the company’s founder and CEO, Brandon Romanek, “I could not be more elated that the US patent office has accepted ALL 20 of our claims for The dHydronator®. We filed for patent protection well over 2 years ago, but we did not expect to receive such broad protection on our intellectual property. Many experts in the cannabis industry liked our technology; however, they expressed serious doubts that we would receive any type of patent protection— much less the broad protection afforded by all 20 of our claims.”

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