THC may be more effective than CBD

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A new study shows that THC can provide better relief than CBD

Using a popular mobile application, researchers with the University of New Mexico have reached a conclusion that could have a major impact on how both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – the two most common cannabis compounds – are accepted. The researchers measured the real-time effects of the consumption of cannabis products and determined that THC could be better than CBD in providing therapeutic relief.

Using the ReleafApp, an application that allows users to record different aspects of their consumption, the researchers reviewed the data submitted by those users and found that there was a stronger correlation between THC and pain relief than what has been promoted between CBD and pain relief. The study looked at 20,000 user sessions and 27 measured symptom categories.

The researchers published their results in the Scientific Reports journal under the title “The Association between Cannabis Product Characteristics and Symptom Relief.” In the report, they assert, “Despite the conventional wisdom, both in the popular press and much of the scientific community that only CBD has medical benefits while THC merely makes one high, our results suggest that THC may be more important than CBD in generating therapeutic benefits. In our study, CBD appears to have little effect at all, while THC generates measurable improvements in symptom relief. These findings justify the immediate de-scheduling of all types of cannabis, in addition to hemp, so that cannabis with THC can be more widely accessible for pharmaceutical use by the general public.”

The study explored areas such as depression and seizure activity. Through cannabis consumption, users saw an immediate symptom improvement of 3.5 points on a 10-point scale, with dried flower being the most common product used. It also showed to provide better relief than other types of products.

One thing was made clear by the report – cannabis and its compounds have positive effects for fighting a number of medical conditions. They are gaining favor above big pharma-driven chemical solutions that tend to have unwanted and undesirable side effects, allowing patients to receive relief without having to worry about unnecessary reactions.