THC-infused ice cream just in time for summer

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Massachusetts-based Cloud Creamery is preparing the tasty treats

Massachusetts has legalized recreational marijuana, making it much more accessible to a larger consumer segment. This is making it easier to find a growing number of edibles and an age-old treat is now making its way to the list. An ice cream creator, Cloud Creamery in Framingham, is now producing the frozen treat that is infused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), becoming one of the first to be issued a license to make and sell cannabis-infused ice cream.

Cloud Creamery’s solutions are still being testing and have to be approved, but they should be ready to hit the market before summer. There will be a number of impressive flavors, including Vietnamese coffee, lavender and honey, sage and ginger and strawberry and rhubarb. Other flavors will most likely be added later, once more development is complete.

The company’s owner and head chef, David Yusefzadeh, began exploring THC options not only in an effort to offer unique products, but to offer products that had a purpose. He understands the cannabis industry and knows that his products can help to change the current stigma surrounding cannabis.

The culinary artist explains, “I think no one would associate me as being a stoner growing up. I definitely smoked a few joints in high school but that was a pretty normal thing that high-schoolers do. It wasn’t the focus of my life. As a chef, I was always working and hustling… It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease that I considered making it a part of my lifestyle.”

As a chef, the obvious idea is to put flavor first, but Yusefzadeh is determined to make THC part of his craft. He is meeting with some challenges, though, as the national Cannabis Certification Council only allows him to use 5mg of THC per pint – some brownies, on the other hand, have as much as 100mg.

He isn’t giving up and knows that he will find the perfect solution. With a little luck, it will be here just before the summer heat wave.