Taking marijuana to a holiday party? Mind your manners

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Marijuana is a social activity, but consumers still need to follow certain guidelines in social gatherings

This is the season of glad tidings and cheer, as well as a continuous run of Christmas parties. While marijuana is now legal in a number of states across the U.S., it may not always be welcome at every event. Keeping in mind a few tips will make sure the party stays friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

As Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Jordan Tishler points out, “Cannabis has always been a very social activity. Standing around sharing a joint is a time-honoured tradition. Now that cannabis is legal, we’ll see its use in more conventional social circles emerge.”

When attending a party, make sure not to offer marijuana to anyone under the legal age. The age may vary from one location to the next, so make sure to check the laws.

Most public locations are still off-limits for marijuana. If the party is held in a public venue, it might be best to refrain – a little break from cannabis won’t kill you.

Without exception, every jurisdiction that has legalized marijuana has included language in its legislation to cover driving under the influence of marijuana. Just as is the case with alcohol, no when to say when.

For a private party, the rules are probably going to be a little more relaxed. However, keep in mind that the host may have children – or even a boss – that might result in a gift of marijuana causing an issue. Know who will be present and ask if there are any doubts about whether or not marijuana is not a recommended gift.

If you prefer to smoke or vape, don’t be rude. Find out from the host if consuming indoors is acceptable. If it’s not, be prepared to take it outside, no questions asked.