New Frontier data paints an impressive picture for cannabis growth in the US

Posted by - September 12, 2022

In the next few years, despite no federal regulation, cannabis is going to explode If huge marijuana cultivation was already evident in the US, wait until 2030 rolls around. According to data projected by cannabis data company New Frontier Data, a total of 27.7 million pounds of cannabis is expected to be cultivated by that

The cannabis industry is optimistic about what’s coming in 2022

Posted by - December 6, 2021

In general, the cannabis industry sees a lot of growth for the industry next year While there is still a necessary maturation stage left in the US marijuana market, the industry, in general, should be excited about what 2022 has in store. This year has shown great strides in various state legalizations and companies reporting

Alternative Harvest ETF is in good shape to grow

Posted by - July 3, 2020

The cannabis investment fund is showing promise of seeing major climbs This second quarter of the year has brought hope not only to cannabis stocks, but also to the different exchange-traded funds (ETF) servicing the industry. The Alternative Harvest ETF has had a great second quarter, for sure, after seeing a major drop during the

Golden Leaf Holdings shows positive growth through 2019

Posted by - May 7, 2020

The cannabis company was able to stay strong as the cannabis industry fluctuated Another cannabis venture is reporting record sales and huge growth from last year. Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. is one of the pioneer cannabis companies and dispensary operators, and its proprietary brand, Chalice Farms, is well-recognized in the market. The company has recently

Grown Rogue sees year-on-year growth double

Posted by - March 23, 2020

While some cannabis companies are seeing weakening sales, Grown Rogue continues to move up Grown Rogue International Inc. is a cannabis company operating in several states across the country, with most operations and assets located in Oregon, California and Michigan. It has recently presented its numbers for its fiscal year that ended on October 21,

Planet 13 reports meteoric growth in sales in 2019

Posted by - January 10, 2020

The preliminary figures are in and last year was huge for the country’s largest dispensary Planet 13 Holdings Inc. is one of the leading vertically-integrated cannabis companies in Nevada. And, as the company served 695,000 customers last year, yesterday, a successful finish to 2019’s last quarter was announced. As reported in the numbers, each of

The Federal Reserve takes a look at the growth of the marijuana industry

Posted by - January 10, 2020

The continued growth of cannabis legalization is drawing more attention from regulators The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, based on observing Colorado’s marijuana market, has given its opinion regarding the future for the cannabis industry after conducting a review of the industry. According to the agency, as legalization increases, the industry will do so

Columbia Care sees triple-digit growth thanks to Illinois

Posted by - January 7, 2020

The cannabis company has quickly risen to the top of the charts As one of the states with the largest populations in the US, Illinois legalized adult sales for recreational use of cannabis within its borders just recently and some companies are starting to collect the benefits of the boom in sales that the Prairie

US to seriously outpace Canada in marijuana sales by 2024

Posted by - September 12, 2019

In the overall scheme of things, five years is not that far away Everyone should know by now that cannabis is here to stay. There is no doubt that the industry has already grabbed a firm foothold and will continue to expand as the old “stoner” mantra is lost. What still isn’t completely known is

Cannabis industry volatile, but not in a bubble

Posted by - November 23, 2018

The current state of the marijuana market is typical of a new industry The marijuana industry is still young in comparison to many industries. It is still fighting against a number of obstacles, from social stigma to regulations, but continues to receive more attention. As the industry grows and matures, it’s only common that the