GrowGeneration deserves a special place in investors’ portfolios

Posted by - March 16, 2022

The cannabis company is priced right for investors of all levels and has a bright future If investors have only $1,000 to invest in stock purchases, they can still choose to buy fractional shares. They might also consider smaller, younger companies that have solid business plans and attractive growth rates. One example is in the

GrowGeneration is an affordable cannabis stock with huge growth potential

Posted by - May 27, 2021

A modest investment in GrowGeneration can produce significant returns over the long term The market turmoil has caused many investors to set their sights on stocks that are truly resilient because this is the only way to secure a pass to start earning long-term sustainable returns. In the cannabis industry, it is very difficult to

GrowGeneration to float $125 million in new stock deal

Posted by - December 8, 2020

Investors have a chance at grabbing a piece of a quickly-advancing company with ties to cannabis Hydroponic gardening is the number one alternative method of growing cannabis plants indoors – the most common one remains a good potting soil. However, hydroponic growing has proven itself time and time again to be more efficient, cleaner and

GrowGeneration expands its footprint with acquisition of The GrowBiz

Posted by - November 3, 2020

The cannabis industry-serving company continues to find new ground Stores selling hydroponic setups and supplies have been around for a while now, existing as small independent businesses all over the US. Their products were primitive and often shoddy, the lighting options were too expensive and complicated, but somehow most of the shops survived. As further

GrowGeneration is beginning to intrigue cannabis investors

Posted by - September 21, 2020

In its most recent quarter, the cannabis vertical increased its revenue by 123% GrowGeneration is not a name that is regularly tied to the cannabis industry, but which should be on investors’ radars. The company targets the gardening and hydroponics spaces and, partly as a result of continued growth in cannabis cultivation, is enjoying better

GrowGeneration begins to draw attention as stock rises more than 20% in a day

Posted by - August 18, 2020

The hydroponic specialty company continues to see its sales increase each quarter The past week has brought great things for one cannabis venture that has seen its stock value soar a whopping 20.1% as of Monday morning. GrowGeneration, a specialty hydroponic and organic gardening retailer providing services to several industries including cannabis, presented its financial

GrowGeneration to be listed on the Russell 3000 Index

Posted by - June 12, 2020

A company focused on the cannabis cultivation market is getting some extra support in trading According to a preliminary list posted on June 5, GrowGeneration Corp. has announced its addition to the broad-market Russell 3000® Index. The largest chain of specialty hydroponic and organic garden centers confirmed that the inclusion will be effective at the

Cannabis vertical GrowGeneration Corp. to be listed on NASDAQ

Posted by - November 26, 2019

The company specializes in cultivation equipment for cannabis Even if the companies in the cannabis industry did not have their greatest performance this year in the stock market, that doesn’t mean it will stay like that. With real expectations set, more companies are listing their share publicly and GrowGeneration Corp. has just been approved to