The FDA has banned Juul e-Cigarettes, which may impact the marijuana vape market

Posted by - June 24, 2022

A crackdown on e-Cigarettes could spill over into the larger marijuana industry The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday dealt a blow to the e-Cigarette industry by banning the sale of Juul products nationwide. The Washington D.C.-based company owned by Altria (the owners of Marlboro) will no longer have the necessary permits to

Nominee to head the FDA acknowledges the medical benefits of cannabis

Posted by - November 15, 2021

The next FDA boss, if approved, could be more supportive of cannabis than his predecessors The medical value of marijuana has not only been recognized by a large number of experts worldwide, but scientific research has proven its veracity. One of the people who have joined this list of believers in the effects of cannabis

The FDA and the CDC want consumers to be cautious about delta-8 THC

Posted by - September 15, 2021

While cannabis and marijuana continue to receive more support, delta-8 needs more review Most people have heard of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid famous for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. But there is a new type of THC that is starting to become very popular: delta-8 THC. While it is true that its potency is

The FDA expands on CBD’s use for treating seizures

Posted by - August 25, 2021

The FDA has approved Epidiolex as a treatment for different types of epilepsy After months of hard work, it appears that the efforts of a British pharmaceutical company focused on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) have paid off. Its drug to treat tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) seizures has received the go-ahead from The Food and Drug

FDA-regulated research shows positive results for using cannabis to treat PTSD

Posted by - March 23, 2021

Ongoing studies are lending more support to cannabis to treat mental health conditions Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is considered a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event, either experiencing it or witnessing it. Unfortunately, many of today’s veterans tend to suffer from this disease. However, a study conducted by the Food and Drug

The FDA has a plan to tackle cannabis research this year

Posted by - January 12, 2021

The agency has a workaround it expects to help paint a clear picture of the benefits of cannabis Cannabis has become a hot topic over the past couple of years and there is now more research being done than ever before. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) feels that there is still a lot

What the FDA’s meeting on CBD and gender uncovered

Posted by - December 1, 2020

The government agency recently completed a townhall-type of discussion on cannabis and CBD For hundreds of years, cannabis and its derivatives have been used to give relief to ailing human bodies of both genders. The first gatherers of plants found that out very early on. Later, healers and what were called ‘medicine men’ or medicine

The FDA is set to host a forum on CBD, sex and gender tomorrow

Posted by - November 18, 2020

The federal agency wants to hear from the general public on cannabis guidance The recent explosion of CBD (cannabidiol) in its many forms and presentations on the American market has left the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scrambling to figure out exactly what they are dealing with and developing regulations and rules covering CBD

The FDA is exploring whether CBD affects women differently than men

Posted by - November 3, 2020

The federal agency is accepting public feedback to help it determine its future cannabis policies The Office of Women’s Health of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be holding an event, open to the public, in November to discuss the different effects that CBD (cannabidiol) oil, and other cannabinoids, has on sex and

New FDA guidance should help expand the CBD-based medicine market

Posted by - September 25, 2020

The federal agency is beginning to break down the barriers to a larger CBD market It’s been more than two years since the country started running legal cannabidiol (CBD) operations through hemp; however, the industry started its growth before the regulatory federal agencies had time to set some ground rules for regulations. This has caused