Cannabis is having a big influence on fashion this spring

Posted by - March 30, 2020

Many clothing brands are infusing cannabis themes in their product lines Perhaps the fashion industry dedicated to creating cannabis-related products, such as sweatshirts and hats, has been running for several years, but it is now when the overall cannabis acceptance is bringing this sector to the mainstream circle. Gradually, the cannabis industry shies away from

Athleisure is fashion inspired by cannabis

Posted by - November 25, 2019

Cannabis is entering virtually all industries A revolutionary product always brings along some creative ideas as to all the functionalities and different things it can inspire. The rapidly booming cannabis industry is opening the doors to new and creative ways to explore its reach; this time with a fashion collection inspired and originated from an

Fall fashion products from the cannabis space

Posted by - October 15, 2019

Cannabis is no longer just something taken internally for health issues Cannabis has been around for over 5,000 years as an all-natural health remedy. It also, at one point, was popular in the apparel industry before the US government suddenly decided it was bad for everyone. The tide is changing once again, though, as the

SoKo Diamond Ball in California to feature a hemp fashion show

Posted by - September 16, 2019

The event will be held in San Diego on September 26 Soko Cannabis Creations out of California understands the importance of cannabis and has made a living offering a luxury line of products for those with more exclusive tastes. It is preparing to hold an annual event recognizing the way cannabis is changing society and

Fashion meets cannabis in new trend

Posted by - September 6, 2019

Hemp and CBD apparel is soon going to be mainstream in every clothing store Products made with cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabis compound, are already found in virtually every aspect of the consumer market, from beauty creams to foods. Hemp, though, has been slower to regain the spot it held for centuries and which was only

5 cool new cannabis brands

Posted by - March 7, 2019

Cannabis is trendy and these products are hot As cannabis continues to receive more recognition, it is making its way deeper into the consumer world in areas where most might not expect to find it. New brands are popping up all the time and several are turning into fashion statements. In 2019, these five brands