All cannabis enthusiasts should check out these documentaries

Posted by - May 19, 2022

Several well-crafted programs on cannabis shed a light on the truth about the plant The rise of documentaries on the new streaming platforms has reached all sectors, and cannabis has been no exception. The exponential growth of the marijuana industry brings with it a strong demand for any kind of information that revolves around this

Lady Buds documentary leads to two new cannabis film projects

Posted by - March 1, 2022

The popularity of the cannabis documentary has spawned two new programs Lady Buds, a documentary that explores the lives of six women seeking to enter the legal cannabis market in California, has apparently been quite influential from the moment of its release. The film chronicles the lives and businesses of Sue Taylor, Chiah Rodriques, Felicia

BET TV to air new cannabis documentary narrated by rapper Nas Jones

Posted by - October 28, 2020

The new documentary explores the war on drugs and how the cannabis space is changing BET just announced a new documentary, “Smoke: Marijuana + Black America,” which is produced and narrated by multi-platinum rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones. It will feature interviews with Senators Kamala D. Harris and Cory Booker, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, Illinois State’s

New documentary explores the science behind CBD’s healing powers

Posted by - August 11, 2020

CBD Nation takes a close look at the truth behind the cannabis compound’s impact on the body The science behind the powerful benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) consumption is heading to the small screen through a new documentary that is being released on August 25, 2020. CBD Nation was created by Mad Machine Films, distributed by