The benefits of using cannabis while undergoing chemo

Posted by - July 19, 2021

Cancer patients involved in chemotherapy can benefit from cannabis use More and more people are turning to cannabis as a complementary or alternative therapeutic option to treat their ailments. One of their most frequent questions is whether they can use it while undergoing conventional treatments such as chemotherapy. The straightforward answer, which is good news

Consuming cannabis during chemotherapy can provide additional benefits

Posted by - April 6, 2020

Combining cannabis with chemotherapy helps reduce the time needed for cancer treatment Cannabis continues to gain ground as a medication to treat several medical conditions. It has great benefits for some diseases such as cancer, which have been studied with more intensity in recent times. In the case of cancer patients, not enough clinical trials

The benefits of cannabis use during chemotherapy

Posted by - July 10, 2019

Consuming cannabis during chemo can mitigate the treatment’s side effects Cannabis has been found to potentially aid in treating some forms of cancer. A lot of research is being done now to further those studies and the results may not be ready for some time, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence already available. Even