Make your own rocky road marijuana brownies with this recipe

Posted by - April 29, 2022

This marijuana recipe is too deliciously tempting not to make Brownies are one of the most classic desserts to be made with cannabis, but that does not mean they are out of fashion. It is not surprising that this sweet of American origin is one of the classics among the recipes made with marijuana. As

Vegan brownies taken to a new level with cannabis

Posted by - March 13, 2020

The percentage of the population that choose a vegan lifestyle is in constant growth. For consumers who struggle to find vegan cannabis edibles in the market, this vegan cannabis brownie recipe is a must-try. Vegan Cannabis Brownies Ingredients (Yields 10 servings) -1/2 C of Cannabis-infused coconut oil -3/4 C of unsweetened Applesauce (as a substitute

Childproof marijuana package law could come to California

Posted by - February 8, 2019

Brownies are becoming too attractive to youngsters Marijuana edibles form one of the fastest growing markets of the marijuana ecosystem. There is virtually nothing that can’t be turned into a marijuana-infused snack and the most popular – the one that probably started it all – is the brownie. Now, however, some believe that edibles are