Oregon may ban additives in cannabis vaping products

Posted by - June 23, 2020

Regulators are considering making sweeping changes to how vapes are sold in the state Last year’s events brought a crisis for the vaping industry after many people across the country started to get sick and some of them died due to rare lung damage that was later attributed to an additive present in vaping products.

House Democrats thwart efforts to ban certain marijuana products

Posted by - March 2, 2020

Certain lawmakers had tried to place a complete ban on vaping products In a separate bill targeting the current situation with vaping devices and its increased popularity among younger populations, especially teenagers, Republicans attempted to ban certain marijuana products through an anti-vaping bill. In response, a group of Democrats confronted the chamber last Friday, stating

Sacramento to vote on extending hemp ban

Posted by - December 13, 2019

Local officials aren’t fans of the current rules Even though it has been legal under state law since October 12, hemp is facing a ban from the city of Sacramento that would prevent any cultivation. Now that a temporary ban is about to expire, the city is looking into expanding that period anywhere from 45

Humboldt County, California could extend hemp ban

Posted by - December 10, 2019

Officials are planning on voting on the measure today The current moratorium that placed a ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp is about to expire on Christmas day. Now, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has the task to analyze whether that prohibition will continue through an extension. If approved, this moratorium will be

Washington preparing legislation to combat the vaping crisis

Posted by - December 6, 2019

A bill is being considered to place a permanent ban on vaping products After the public health epidemic that several states went through in the last few months, government leaders have decided to place temporary bans on vaping products. Washington is one of those states and it has been in place for the last 120

Massachusetts governor signs flavored vaping ban

Posted by - November 28, 2019

The state is the first to take extreme measures on vaporizers As legislation recently seems to be favoring cannabis legalization, in Massachusetts new legislation comes to set some stringent rules to vaporizers. The Bay State’s Governor Charlie Baker signed yesterday a new act that puts severe restrictions on flavored vaping products and also to menthol

Massachusetts medical patients challenge the state on vaping regulations

Posted by - November 5, 2019

Consumers don’t want regulators to overstep their bounds The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) placed back in September a ban for a four-month period to cannabis vaping products. Now a group of patients that consumes medical marijuana is defying the power that the DPH is wielding to make a decision on placing that ban.

Larkspur, CA bans marijuana businesses

Posted by - September 20, 2019

The permanent ban follows a temporary ban that was going to expire next month Larkspur, CA has decided to just say no to marijuana. The city had a temporary ban against marijuana businesses, but this was going to expire next month. In anticipation of that ban coming to an end, the Larkspur City Council has

City leader in Massachusetts wants to ban marijuana ads

Posted by - September 17, 2019

The VP of the Haverhill City Council doesn’t want marijuana billboards and hopes the state will agree If the VP of Haverhill’s City Council had his way, marijuana advertising would not be permitted anywhere. Thomas J. Sullivan is prepared to institute a ban on billboard advertising within the city, but would prefer to see the

Federal credit union group suggests protection for those with drug convictions

Posted by - August 1, 2019

A ban preventing people with drug convictions from working in credit unions could be lifted According to current federal law, anyone with a low-level drug conviction, including for marijuana possession, are not allowed to be hired by any credit union. This could be changed if the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) gets its way. It