Young farmers are turning to hemp to build up their agriculture businesses

Posted by - May 26, 2021

As other cultivation options dry up, farmers are banking on cannabis crops It’s no secret that the US agriculture sector generally averages a reasonably high age. However, according to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden, this statistic may be slowly changing as the legalization of hemp is beginning to excite the younger generation to work

California college the first in the state to offer cannabis agriculture course

Posted by - September 2, 2019

Santa Rosa Junior College is ushering in a new era of cannabis education California has had a robust legal marijuana industry for several years; however, what it hasn’t had is a robust education system supporting the industry. That is beginning to change, thanks to Santa Rosa Junior College. It has become the first college in

How cannabis is impacting five industries

Posted by - February 6, 2019

A mutually-beneficial relationship is being developed between cannabis and several markets When the world looks back at 2018 and 2019, people are going to refer to the period as the marijuana era. As more states and governments around the globe continue to break away from the misled belief that marijuana is harmful, Mother Nature’s wonder