System of a Down’s bassist joins the celebrity cannabis list

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The musician and 22Red founder understands what cannabis means to consumers

Bassist Shavo Odadjian, a member of one of the most recognized nu metal bands, System Of A Down, has spoken publicly about his role as a cannabis advocate and founder of the 22Red brand. The company is focused on selling premium selections of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). Odadjian joins the long list of celebrities who proclaim marijuana as a plant full of benefits.

As the brand’s official website assures, all “products are hand-selected by Shavo himself to ensure maximum potency, quality and effects.” Regarding his beginnings in the world of cannabis, Odadjian has made it clear that he has been smoking since he was about 20 years old. He says that in Los Angeles you could try strains, and he smoked whatever was available.

However, the experience was a bit different when he had his first tour in Amsterdam and met Arjan Roskam, the owner of Green House Seed Company there, who invented White Widow, Super Silver, and Super Lemon Haze. There, there was a menu, so he said, “Give me a little bit of everything. And I took it to my room and smoked it all.”

Odadjian had no interest in putting his name on a product unless he was deeply familiar with it and involved in every step of the process. In a recent interview, he clarified, “I never wanted to name the brand something with me and kind of benefit off of being a celebrity brand. This is not a celebrity thing; I just happen to be one at times.”

Back in Los Angeles, his attitude towards incorporating cannabis took another turn when he met a master grower. “I didn’t know how great he was until I saw his place,” Odadjian said. “He showed me his stuff and I said, ‘I could represent this, so let’s make it a lifestyle/cannabis brand.”

Naming the brand was not a difficult task. His birthday is April 22, he got married on May 22 and his two children are two years and 22 days apart. Therefore, the number 22 seems to be the logical answer. 22Red sells premium dried flowers, pre-rolls, and vaporizers, as well as hemp-derived CBD vaporizers and tinctures. In addition, it also sells caps, shirts, and hoodies.