Survivor star survives cancer thanks to cannabis

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Ethan Zohn uses CBD to battle anxiety and depression post-cancer

Ethan Zohn may be best known as the winner of Survivor: Africa, but he’s also a survivor of another kind. He overcame his cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, a relapse and two bone marrow transplants, and has now been cancer-free for seven years. While his battle with the disease may be mostly over, its aftereffects linger. Zohn has dealt with anxiety and depression off and on since sending cancer retreating, and he finds relief in a source that is used by thousands of others to treat the same afflictions. Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis compound, helps Zohn get through the especially difficult days.

Zohn was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009. He relapsed in 2011 and had to undergo a second stem-cell transplant the following year. He explains of his anxiety, “The constant fear and anxiety of my cancer coming back was debilitating. I suffered in silence — and it’s not a great way to live.”

The 45-year-old turned to CBD following the stem-cell transplant and it has worked in incredible ways for him. He explains, “It calmed my mind and restructured my thought patterns and got me out of this vicious cycle of destructive thoughts. I was able to sleep better, I was able to interact with my friends and family in a better way, I wasn’t as anxious and jittery.”

Zohn recognizes that modern medicine has its place and that many doctors work hard to save lives, but he also understands the power of natural medicine. He asserts, “To use a drug that is derived from nature to make myself feel better, to use something grown from the earth, that makes sense to me. I could take 10 pills to get to sleep at night, or else take some CBD or eat a pot brownie.”