Surprise market opens up thanks to marijuana

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Legalized marijuana is launching a lot of industries, but one may be surprising

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sure, it’s possible to carry around a marijuana stash in a plastic baggy, but it is unsightly and won’t do a good job of keeping the supply fresh. It also doesn’t do anything to counter some laws that require marijuana to be stored in sealed bags or boxes that keep the flower and bud virtually invisible. As cannabis continues to gain global adoption rapidly, a new industry is emerging – that of commercial marijuana containers.

A number of companies are already starting to look at creating a supply of containers specifically for marijuana. Some containers, such as KushCo’s FunkSac, are already available while other companies – such as “Reynolds Wrap” plastic wrap manufacturer Reynolds Group – is beginning to explore its possibilities.

The marijuana market is now worth around $110 million and is expected to grow by six times that amount in a little more than ten years. The container industry is gathering momentum, as many companies – both established and new – look to grab onto a piece. Some are moving forward slowly and cautiously, concerned over federal limitations. As the VP of PMMI Media Group, Jim Chrzan, points out, “There’s a high degree of interest, but it’s very polarized. Some companies do not want to be dealing with cannabis.”

There’s a huge, diverse market for marijuana containers and this is only the beginning. Requirements vary by jurisdiction and each of the 33 states where medical marijuana consumption is now permitted has virtually different laws from everywhere else.

In Colorado, for example, edibles can be bundled in resealable containers. However, Washington State only allows single-serving packages. Where most states agree is with the design – the containers usually need to be opaque and childproof and made of food-grade plastics.

The packaging market in the U.S. is already worth $205 billion. However, that amount is about to increase significantly as marijuana continues to be accepted across the country.

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