Study suggests inhaled cannabis can better combat treatment-resistant health conditions

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A study reviewed cannabis interactions to determine how the plant interacts with certain ailments

Treatment-resistant conditions can be a headache for many. There is nothing worse than knowing that you suffer from a disease and even the best treatment will not be able to give you an effective cure. According to a recent analysis, inhaled cannabis can put an end to this problem, improving health-related quality of life in patients with treatment-resistant conditions.

According to data recently published in the journal Biomedicines, sustained vaporization of marijuana flowers with dominant tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is ideal for improving health-related quality of life in patients suffering from anxiety-related disorders and chronic pain. Spanish and British researchers pooled their knowledge to evaluate the effects of this plant.

The group of experts gathered more than 450 patients authorized to consume marijuana flowers for treatment-resistant anxiety and/or pain for three months. This was the first time the UK registered its first multi-center project to seek real-world evidence to inform the effectiveness and safety of medical cannabis. Previously, patients had gone through at least two prescription treatment options, but their effectiveness was close to zero.

The findings revealed that marijuana inhalation paved the way for sustained improvements in both patient populations. Side effects were virtually minimal, and many reported feeling an improved quality of life, especially for those suffering from treatment-resistant anxiety.

The authors shared their findings. They added that these results indicate that controlled inhalation of pharmaceutical grade, THC-predominant cannabis flos [flowers] is associated with a significant improvement in patient-reported pain scores, mood, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and overall HRQoL [health-related quality of life] in a treatment-resistant clinical population.”