Study shows that cannabis use by females improves sexual relations

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Research suggests multiple orgasms are possible with the help of marijuana

Exactly why marijuana would enhance the sexual experience is not entirely clear, but science has come up with different explanations over time. One possible answer is that the plant would increase sexual pleasure to the extent that it decreases anxiety and stress. In fact, another recent study has shown that cannabis could make women reach multiple orgasms more easily and effectively. These are very promising results that could end the sexual gap between men and women.

The exact nature of the cannabis-coitus connection remains unresolved, but researchers at East Carolina University and North Carolina State University attempted to clear the fog with a new study. Marijuana has been found to have the potential to improve a person’s sex life. Research participants reported experiencing more intense orgasms while high.

While the survey of over 800 people included both men and women, the researchers emphasized how the female side managed to have greater sexual pleasure when marijuana accompanied them in their intimate relationships. More than 70% of the participants indicated that they experienced greater sexual desire and overall intensity after consuming cannabis.

The results seem to be in line with research published in the Journal of Cannabis Research a few days ago, which noted that women who consume cannabis before their sexual encounter experience a greater ability to have more than one orgasm. This latest article made it clear that more than half of those involved said they intentionally smoked marijuana before having sex, a clear indication of how this plant is increasingly seen as a type of “aphrodisiac.”