Study shows that cannabis is safe and effective for older adults

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Ongoing research into cannabis finds that it can offer a lot of benefits to adults

The population of elderly people is increasing worldwide, due to the fact that health conditions are getting better every day and life expectancy is longer. This does not mean that a large percentage of them do not have health problems. Therefore, they start looking for effective treatments, and according to a study, medical marijuana is a safe and effective option, especially when it comes to chronic pain.

In September, an article was published in which Canadian researchers analyzed the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana products in a group of patients over the age of 65. Canadian health clinics evaluated the patients and gave them the green light to be part of this project.

The findings have suggested that marijuana, in addition to being well tolerated, has a high level of safety and efficacy in reducing pain-related problems. This relief was significant after the treatment was used over a three-month period.

The authors made it clear that no serious adverse events were reported. Only slightly more than 10% of patients experienced fairly mild adverse events.

Research has determined that cannabidiol (CBD) products are more effective than placebo in the management of chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia in older adults. There is also evidence that CBD may decrease the use of and dependence on other medications commonly used for pain relief, such as opioids, which are often associated with adverse effects such as constipation and even respiratory depression. All of this is undoubtedly extremely beneficial for a population that is susceptible to worsening side effects.