Study shows that cannabis can reduce alcohol-induced liver damage

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Research finds a way to use cannabis to offset the effects of excessive alcohol consumption

It is no secret that ethanol is a toxic substance for the living organism. Upon reaching the liver, which is responsible for its processing, ethanol undergoes several transformations. Its processing bombards the liver cells and destroys their walls, which are responsible for the passage of useful substances. Fortunately for all those who sacrifice health for a few nights of partying, a new study has revealed that cannabis has the ability to reduce the liver damage caused by alcohol.

More than two million people in developed countries die each year from liver disease caused by alcohol consumption. This is why marijuana is often touted as a less harmful alternative to alcohol. And not only that, in addition to having many other benefits, this plant has been shown to reduce some of the liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption, according to a new study.

Recent findings have revealed that cannabinoids have the necessary effects to reduce the liver toxicity caused by ethanol. As a result, those responsible for the study are beginning to think that marijuana could become a potential treatment for impaired liver function, usually known as hepatotoxicity. To reach this conclusion, the experts analyzed the protective effects of cannabinoids against ethanol-induced liver toxicity (EtOH) in rats.

For eight months, mice were injected with increasing concentrations of various cannabinoids. Surprisingly, the researchers found that cannabidiol (CBD) induced apoptosis (cell death) in HSC (hemocytoblast) or also known as hepatocellular cells.

HSCs are responsible for the development of scar tissue in the liver, which is a significant marker of liver damage. The study concludes, “Our findings suggest that CBs [cannabinoids] are a potential candidate for the treatment of alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity.”

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