Study shows important relationship between marijuana and sex

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The study indicates that marijuana can enhance the sexual experience

There has been a long-held belief that marijuana can improve sexual relations. That belief has now been confirmed, according to a research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM).

The study, “Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study,” was created to “elucidate whether a relation between marijuana use and sexual frequency exists using a nationally representative sample of reproductive-age men and women.” It researched 22,943 men and 28,176 women across the country and was conducted by Stanford University’s Dr. Michael L. Eisenberg and Dr. Andrew J. Sun.

Questionnaires completed by the study’s participants revealed that “marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function.” Daily marijuana users across all demographic segments asserted that they had 20% more sex than those participants who have never tried cannabis.

There is still a need for more research in the area, as previously, a great number of doctors have cautioned men against smoking marijuana for the negative effects it had on the sexual experience. However, as the study showed, this may not be the case and could actually prove to make it more enjoyable for both partners.

Marijuana has had a bad reputation for over a hundred years in the US. It has been unjustly categorized as a Schedule I substance, alongside cocaine, but recent revelations have shown that it has many positive health benefits. While it may not be easy to convince some of the non-believers, the fact that 30 states – as well as Washington, DC – have already legalized some form of marijuana use speaks to its positive characteristics.