Study shows how CBD can treat psychosis

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CBD can have positive effects on psychosis treatments

Cannabidiol (CBD) has found a place as one of the most versatile natural substances in treating an array of ailments. It can help to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation, fight cancer and Alzheimer’s and has already been approved as an aid in treating epilepsy. Now, there is mounting evidence that it can be used to treat psychosis, a condition that results in the patient experiencing a detachment from reality, hallucinations and other mental disorders.

A recent study was conducted to determine how effective CBD was in treating psychosis. Patients experiencing psychotic symptoms were administered 600 mg of CBD and then performed different brain tasks involving known locations in the brain that are affected by psychosis. The patients were tested against a control group, with both groups being subjected to MRIs.

Those patients who had been administered CBD registered significant improvement in their brain activity compared to those who weren’t. The single 600mg dose of CBD was shown to offer improvements and to reset the brain, reducing abnormal activity.

It still isn’t known if the effects can be replicated over the long term or if the improvements were due to the sudden change caused by the CBD. However, it’s a promising first step in helping to understand how CBD can impact the brain’s functions and how it might ultimately help a large number of individuals suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

CBD also has the added benefit of being 100% natural, meaning it isn’t made with any lab-based chemicals. It won’t include any nasty side effects and can be consumed without fear of an overdose.

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