Study shows cannabis may lead to longer lives

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Perhaps cannabis is the elusive fountain of youth everyone has been looking for

Although cannabis and its many derivatives have been in use by man since the beginnings of recorded history, almost every week, we hear about a new discovery of another wondrous property of CBD (cannabidiol) that helps cure yet another human ailment. Rediscovery might be a better term. A new study has revealed that CBD can actually be incorporated to extend the mean lifespan of an organism by some 18% with increased late stage life activity by 206%.

Today’s modern researchers are much more methodical than in the old days and finally the many uses for cannabis and all the myriad of helpful products that can be derived from the plant, be it hemp or marijuana, are being lab tested and documented to be available for the use of future generations who can now see the many benefits available in CBD products.

Before rushing out to buy more CBD right away, it should be pointed out that the study was done using the Caenorhabditis elegans, a type of worm. Granted, this particular worm happens to share 60-80% of its gene pool with humans, and the worms only have a lifespan of two to three weeks. The researchers determined that the worms would be perfect for the study they had in mind, which focused on toxicity and lifespan effects of CBD in the preclinical model. While there haven’t been any tests to explore longevity in humans as a result of cannabis consumption, perhaps this will be the next big breakthrough.