Study reveals the best ways to choose cannabis

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When it comes to selecting the best marijuana, the nose knows

As it is normal that many people get lost when it comes to choosing their marijuana strains, a study has come to reveal what is the best way to carry out this process. While it has long been said that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are the most important factor in choosing cannabis, some researchers say that smell should be a priority in the choice.

There is probably no exact science to describe how to select the best cannabis, basically because it depends largely on one’s personal preferences. However, there are a number of aspects to consider when buying cannabis. A recent study indicates that a pleasant aroma, as opposed to dosage, potency or THC terpene expression, is associated with a more positive experience with inhaled marijuana flowers.

This is very similar to choosing the most attractive fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, or perhaps even more similar to choosing the best flowers at your local florist. You will have to choose the buds that appeal to you the most, with the colors and smells that you like the most.

According to research, as soon as you break a bud or open the bag, the smell should be immediate. In fact, you should smell it as soon as you enter the room. A good smell is the main indicator of how good the cannabis will be. The strains with the best smells usually offer the most intense effects, not to mention the sensations when smoked.

Ethan Russo, Ph.D., conducted a process to identify which characteristics of cannabis contribute to its appealing subjective effects. “Healthy” volunteers tested commercially available cannabis flower products. Participants then completed an anonymous survey about their effects.

Based on the results, the researchers noted that THC potency or THC dosage was not as relevant, but rather a pleasant subjective aroma. “These results suggest that, unlike THC potency, pleasant aroma predicts pleasant subjective effects,” the article says. “Similar to other agricultural products such as coffee and tea, aroma appears to be a strong indicator of cannabis inflorescence quality.”