Study reveals cannabis use doesn’t lead to ischemic stroke

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The latest research rebukes the assertion that cannabis consumption can cause strokes

A recent study from University of Mississippi found no evidence that cannabis use related is for ischemic stroke. Past studies have shown cocaine and methamphetamines be risk factors for increasing ischemic stroke, but the research on cannabis has been less consistent. The researchers at the University of Mississippi study found that cannabis was not determined to be a risk factor for ischemic stroke. The fact that a patient used cannabis and then had a stroke, doesn’t mean that person’s stroke was actually caused by their use of cannabis. The patient may have had a stroke even if they never used cannabis.

The researchers of the study ruled out patients who used other drugs associated with stroke risks like cocaine and methamphetamines and controlled for cigarette smoking. The new study came to the same conclusion as two previous studies and found no increased risk of ischemic stroke related to just cannabis usage.

But the authors noted their study did not take dose, frequency or length of cannabis use into account, stating that a study looking at chronic heavy cannabis use could show some connection, but that future studies will be needed to determine if that is the case.

The researches acknowledged their study was conducted with a relatively small sample size of patients, and suggest that future studies should be conducted to investigate if any association exists, by looking at a larger sample size made up of an increased number of patients to determine if risks for ischemic stroke show up in people who use cannabis more frequently and at higher dosages.