Study finds evidence that cannabis can counter neurological disorders

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The use of cannabis has a lot of medical benefits, as research continues to uncover

Research recently published in Frontiers in Pharmacology suggests that medical marijuana has sufficient benefits to improve symptoms of neurological disorders and pain-related ailments. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the organization Realm of Caring teamed up to come up with these results.

According to the study, they were able to discover that medical cannabis has high potency effects capable of improving the quality of life in patients who did not find relief with traditional treatment. Specialists from both entities joined forces so that these results could change the way in which marijuana is related to pain and neurological disorders.

The results of the study made it clear that medical cannabis has essential effects that help mitigate different neurological disorders and pain-related ailments that affected the quality of life of the participants. Sasha Kalcheff-Korn, executive director of Realm of Caring, stated that the organization’s goal is to make sure that it is really helping people to have a much better life.

To carry out the research, different cannabis users were invited to participate in anonymous surveys to clarify their anecdotal experiences. More than 800 people participated in the study, and 77% of them reported positive effects: 28% mentioned a reduction in pain, 18% reported an improvement in sleep and 22% experienced a reduction in anxiety.

Kalcheff-Korn stated that research like this highlights several concerns that the organization addresses on a daily basis, such as providing information to the medical community and offering free personalized support to alleviate unwanted side effects. She concludes, “Realm of Caring will continue to collect and publish data to ensure that we fulfill our mission.”

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